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LOUIE CREW was born in 1936 in Anniston, Alabama, graduated from Baylor University in 1958, received his Master’s degree from Auburn University in 1959, his Ph.D. (in English) from The University of Alabama in 1971, and in 2001 retired a Professor Emeritus at Rutgers University. In 1974, he created “Integrity,” the LGBT caucus and civil rights organization of The Episcopal Church, the American branch of the worldwide Anglican Communion. Around the same time, he married his African-American husband, Ernest Clay, in a private ceremony in rural Georgia, well knowing an interracial gay marriage would outrage the local community.

Dr. Crew is now recognized as the most vocal proponent of LGBT inclusivity in The Episcopal Church, and for four decades has fought selflessly to end the homophobic tendencies of Christianity. In addition to creating “Integrity,” being a member of The Episcopal Church’s Executive Council, and serving on the Standing Commission of Anglican and International Peace with Justice Concerns (1997-2003), he has worked closely with Dignity (Roman Catholic), The Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement (U.K.), PFLAG, Men of All Colors Together, The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, and dozens of other gay-positive civil rights organizations. He also maintains a website, The Anglican Pages of Louie Crew, the world’s most comprehensive source for statistical information about the Anglican Communion. As a teacher, he taught a course about homosexual identity before the Stonewall riots (for The Experiment in International Living), and as a scholar, poet, and activist, he claims over 1700 publications, including the world’s first academic journal issue devoted to gay male literature (College English, 1974) and the pioneering 1970’s anthology The Gay Academic.

Ernest Clay

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